Testing, Testing, 1 - 2 & 3 The A-T Houston facility has recently added state-of-the-art valve testing equipment for our Trunnion product line.

The equipment includes two testers that can handle 2"-12" valves, with a test pressure up to Class 2500 or a shell test pressure of 9,375 psi. The large 14"-36" tester can handle large diameter ball valves up to Class 1500 or a shell test pressure of 5,625psi.
These testers meet the most stringent valve testing requirements of API 6D, ASME B16.34, ISO 5208 and many other industry standards. Testing capabilities include hydrostatic seat test, shell test, double-block-and-bleed test, double-piston-effect seat test as well as low-pressure pneumatic air test.

Unlike other conventional hydraulic type testers, these testers do not apply an excessive external clamping force to the valve ends that could affect the seat leakage test results.
The testers utilize a unique piston effect design on the end flange which applies just enough sealing force during testing. All testers are equipped with a touch screen control panel and the pressure test results can be monitored and recorded in real-time. Every trunnion mounted ball valve is fully tested per API 6D requirements before shipping to the customer.

Click here for more on our Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve product line. To order hard copies of brochures, please use the "Literature Request" page of our website.

A-T Products In the Field . . .

Series 88 Automation Packages control compressed air to blade position manifold.
Application: Prototype Wind Turbine
Location: Oklahoma
A-T Products: 88 Series Valve, 2R Series R&P actuator, Blade Feather (Position) Control
Photo Credit: Lorraine Good (Trivaco)

Winner. Winner. . . .
Congratulations to the first weekly winners of our NFL Pick 'em game:
Nancy Tanner (Classic Controls)
Marie Venerus (Floval Equipment)
Laura Glazier (ABZ/Forum)
David Lamphier (W&O Supply)
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* * * COOL CAR * * * from Conor Moscinski (Lesman)

2003 Nissan 350z • Daily Drifter • 91,000 mi

Drives to work everyday, burns rubber every night!
Car has been to the drag strip a few times and many drift events.

Please send any pictures you would like to share of your "cool cars" to jmurphy@atcontrols.com to be included in a future newsletter.

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