SIL 3 Rating for A-T Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves
It's official . . . after careful attention to testing and required documentation, our Trunnion Mounted valves are now Certified as SIL 3 capable.
Taking Time2Help
Several A-T Controls, Equipment Depot and PON employees dedicated their time at the DePelchin Children’s Center in Richmond, TX. Together, they painted chalkboard walls, replaced bedding, and spruced up the rooms and common areas with stickers and artwork. The kids were ecstatic for the BIG reveal last Friday afternoon!

* * * COOL RIDE * * *

Yamaha Wave Blaster, manufactured in small quantities worldwide from 1993-1998.
This rare water craft from Joe Milam (Miller Valve & Controls) is a one-seater with a 901 CC motor. The sole purpose of the Wave Blaster was to jump waves very efficiently and more effectively than a traditional 2/3 seater wave craft (i.e. sea sofas).

Powerful bottom thrust allows for quick acceleration, hard-fast turns and the ability to LAUNCH high up and over waves. It is the only wave craft that has been labeled the closet thing that mimics riding a motorcycle on water.

The fun is when a tropical low is pushing up hard into the Gulf of Mexico and causing 6 - 10 foot waves. That’s when to catch some serious air!!!

We are ready for more!
Send your "cool cars" to jmurphy@atcontrols.com to be included in a future newsletter.

The first official A-T Distributor Training School to be hosted at our Stafford, TX location in May filled up quickly.
If you'd be interested to participate in a future 2-day training class in Houston, contact Joy Murphy.

Butterfly Valve Tee Assembly . . Experience from the field

We've recently heard from an excited distributor who has been selling the Butterfly Tee Assemby with PTFE seats instead of Viton®. Our distributor has sucessfully introduced the tee assembly as a cost-saving option for end users that are converting existing cooling towers to recirculate glycol internally to use the heat during colder months.

The PTFE seats prove to work better in glycol service, especially in regions that experience extreme outdoor temps, where Viton® seats have been known to dry and swell otherwise.

Allowing the most flow economically, the A-T Butterfly Tee Assembly offers a cost effective alternative in applications where a larger multi-port ball valve would typically be used.

Click for our new Butterfly Tee Assembly product spec sheet.


Welcome: Brad Shull joins the A-T Engineering team!

Brad comes to us from a background in engineering design, sales, quality, and operations management. His industry experience includes both safety relief/control valves and power transmissions.

Brad is a Cincinnati native and is married with three children. When he is not at work you can find him riding his road bike or on an outdoor adventure with his family.

A-T Products In the Field . . .

Sucess Story - Series VM

Last year we introduced the Series "V" to various people at Westrock. As a result, they have recently purchased some VM-F1-0600-3XX for a new tank project. Nice story as this plant typically buys the Fisher Veeball.
Submitted by
: Joe Milam (Miller Valve & Controls)
Products Used
: VM-F1-0600-3XX

Location: Panama City, FL

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